On the off chance that you need to buy a home in 2021 without harming your wallet, you should begin glancing in the least expensive Ontario urban areas.

RE/MAX has delivered its Canadian Housing Market Outlook for 2021, and it’s not hopeless.

As it turns out, there are a lot of modest spots to live in the province, as long as you wouldn’t mind moving out of the 6ix.

The average residential price in Thunder Bay is $273,308  

As indicated by the report, the top six least expensive spots to live in Ontario in 2021 will be Thunder Bay, North Bay, Sudbury, Windsor, Cornwall and London.

North Bay will see homes sell for a normal of $305K, while Sudbury will see $327K.

It seems the further north you go, the less expensive the real estate becomes.

A factor that could appear to be interesting to those hoping to stay away from densely populated zones in the wake of the pandemic.

Toronto, which is low on the rundown of modest alternatives, could see a normal of an incredible $974K by one year from now.

RE/MAX is announcing that more youthful individuals, specifically, could be hoping to leave their present neighborhoods for greener fields.

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