Where you live is a big decision. Here are a few things to remember as you are considering renting versus buying in Canada. To lease or to own, that is the question you’ll need to face when you’re planning out the next stage in your life.

For those not wanting to get comfortable in a portion of the world’s most serious housing markets like Toronto, the choice of whether to lease or purchase is more muddled. While generally there’s been the conviction that it’s in every case better to purchase, lately specialists have stood up against that idea.

Here are a couple of interesting points prior to choosing to lease or purchase a home.

What are your objectives?

Purchasing your first home is an energizing and significant choice advance and you need to ensure you’re doing it when you are prepared. Depending on your financial situation, you probably have various monetary objectives that you are attempting to adjust, such as taking care of other loans while saving money for the future.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where you purchase your home binds you to a particular area. Thus, it should just be considered by the individuals who are sure (or genuinely certain) they know where they need to live for in any event the following three, however in a perfect world at least five years. In the event that you don’t know where you’ll be in three years, the expenses of homeownership probably won’t bode well, as the market will have brief period to develop between when you will purchase and selling your home, townhouse or condo.

Planning for expenses

For renters, planning can be less complex as there are generally hardly any extra charges that accompany leasing. A property manager sets a month to month expense—which here and there usually incorporates utilities, and that is typically the finish of it.

For homeowners, there are extra charges to consider past month to month mortgage installments and utilities. The individuals who live in a building or complex with shared spaces or amenities will probably need to pay maintenance fees. There are also property taxes to consider just as the expense of the down-payment, property owners’ insurance and the expense of keeping up the home. For instance, if a pipe busts or a rooftop should be fixed, those maintenance costs are the duty of the proprietor. You should be able to have a budget for extra repairs and maintenance when something goes wrong in your home.

What works for you?

At the end of the day, factors like lifestyle, employment and mobility should play a huge part in your choice of whether to lease or buy, however if you are prepared from a monetary point of view is critical. Plan to converse with your mortgage broker about what will turn out best for you at this phase of your life. They can help you build a plan for whatever your situation looks like at the moment.

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