City life has changed radically over the last months, and some extravagant condos available to be purchased in Toronto are feeling the impacts.

Residential units at lavish hotels like Bisha Hotel and Residences & The Soho Metropolitan could be dropping in cost because of the economic toll of the pandemic.

Similar as the condition of the condo market in upscale zones like Yorkville, numerous luxury properties in the city are seeing their worth decrease significantly right now.

There are two kinds of luxury hotel condos in Toronto: hotel condos can be ordinary hotel rooms that are utilized for short-term stays exclusively. However, a few places like One King West or the Cosmopolitan have condos that are intended for permanent living alongside regular rooms.

There are additionally condo suites joined to hotels, with more residential units than short-stay rooms. This incorporates places like Bisha, the Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La, and Four Seasons. Apartment suite proprietors additionally have access to conveniences like the spa and the pool.

Hotel condo units, alongside other extravagant properties, can endure the greatest hit when the economy isn’t doing well, since these units as of now have a very high price-per-square-foot and maintenance fees, they tend to appreciate slower than less-exclusive properties.

At this moment, there are various apartment suites in upscale hotels that are available for under $500,000. A studio loft at One King West Hotel & Residences is presently available to be purchased for $369,000, just as a studio with a den for $396,000.

This Bisha Hotel bachelor pad costs $489,000, including access to the rooftop infinity pool and lounge. The Soho Metropolitan has a one-bedroom condo accessible for $498,000 and Pantages Hotel and Residences has a studio for $418,000.

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