Despite some not very exciting expectations for the economy, the greater part of Canadians keep on believing that home costs will rise in the next half-year, as indicated by the most recent edition of the Bloomberg-Nanos Canadian Confidence Index.

As of the week ending Aug. 13, the index was at 65.06 contrasted with 66.63 a month earlier. This was especially lower than the common year high of 66.42.

“Although Canadian consumer confidence remains mostly positive, there has been a recognizable decrease in the extent of Canadians that accept the economy will get more grounded in the following six months,” according to Nik Nanos, chief data scientist at Nanos Research.

This share fell from 50.84% to 41.75% in the course of recent weeks, while the portion of Canadians who believe that the economy will become more vulnerable rather was 24.23%. Another 27.84% said that they couldn’t say whether the following a half year will be a good or bad for the economy.

All things considered, most of Canadians (56.81%) believe that the value of real estate in their neighborhood will grow in the following half-year, while 29.25% are anticipating that home prices should stay still. Another 10.42% accept that home costs will drop during this period.

When asked about their finances over the past year, 25.24% Canadians said that they were better off, while 22.05% said that they were worse off. Notwithstanding, the greater part of respondents (51.42%) said that their livelihoods continued as before.

The greater part (55.41%) additionally said that they have a sense of safety in their present employment, and 17.52% are to some degree secure. In the mean time, 4.5% said that they are to some degree not secure, and 6.1% don’t have a sense of safety.

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